“Having suffered back problems for many years and never getting answers, I finally found Gerry’s website and decided to give it yet another try! Not feeling hopeful might I add!

Gerry was different, in that he listened to me, took note of all I said and by the end of my first visit I was correctly diagnosed. It is difficult to put into words the relief I felt leaving that first consultation with the knowledge of how to go forward with his support..

I cannot thank Gerry enough for giving me answers and supporting me all the way, even to the extent of phone calls and emails.

He is an excellent osteopath and it was money well spent and excellent value. I would recommend him to anyone, especially those who have lost hope.

I feel very lucky I found him.
Thank you again.“

Jackie I.


“I am a surf kayaker. That means I ride a tiny kayak especially designed for carving large ocean waves, made from specialist composite materials. I came to the sport relatively late, in my 30s but in the last few years have successfully competed at elite level all over the world and represented England at World level. Suffice to say that surfkayaking is a highly physical extreme sport and nasty shoulder injuries are commonplace.

I first contacted Gerry in may 2011 having been suffering some pretty severe shoulder, back, and neck issues for the previous 4 months despite attempts at treatment by various other physiotherapists and osteopaths, and not helped by my continued insistence on getting out in the waves. At this stage I was panicking about the upcoming world championships scheduled for October where I would be representing England, for which I needed to recover and reach competition fitness. The first few sessions were spent identifying the root cause, which had spawned several secondary issues, beginning treatment, and in enforced rest on my part (thanks, Gerry!). Once progress was ongoing, we worked together to determine the delicate balance allowing me to recover from the injury while improving fitness. By the time the championships arrived I was fully recovered and back to the highest level of strength and fitness in my career. I surfed daily helping England to second place overall (winning my team heats) and a top ten individual placing in my age group. I am convinced that without Gerry's expert treatment and management of my condition I would have struggled to make the championships at all. My newfound understanding of the potential for massive trauma in my sport means that I'll be visiting on a regular basis in order to proactively identify and treat small issues as they occur.“

Marc W.

“I’m a keen amateur runner who needs to run to fundraise for my disabled child’s continuing therapy costs. I had carried a knee injury on and off for over 10 years and intense training and sport always aggravated the problem. After physiotherapy, x-rays, seeing orthopaedic doctors and pretty much trying everything over the years, I went to see Gerry in extreme pain in January 2012.

Gerry took a detailed history, looked at my lifestyle and gave me a thorough examination. Fearing I would never be able to run again, Gerry reassured me that the injury could improve and for now, I would need to stop all running and rest my knee during the treatment phase.

After a month’s treatment of lots of rest and putting my feet up (very welcome!), anti-inflammatory measures and osteopathic practice, although still not running, I was riding a bike again!

Gerry taught me so much during my treatment with him. He is an excellent teacher, so patient and hugely knowledgeable. Gerry’s professional integrity and experience is second to none; he is incredibly patient and understanding and I learned so much with every visit. I followed Gerry’s advice to the letter; slower really is faster with recovery from these sorts of injuries.

I am glad to say I am now running again, feeling fit and well and in training for the Brighton 10K in Nov 2012 and the Brighton Half Marathon in 2013! Who’d have thought it?

Thank you Gerry. I’m so grateful to you.“


"I feel as though my back pain is, if not quite gone, at least well-understood and controllable now. I want to thank you for all your help.

You instantly saw the most likely cause of the problem, explained it to me clearly, and gave me a back support that has literally changed my life!

I was also much more comfortable with your approach than with that of other osteopaths I have seen, because it seems to be very much science and evidence-based - you encouraged me to have an MRI scan, and you clearly have an excellent knowledge of anatomy.

Thanks to you, I understand what causes my back pain and how to avoid it, and I am sincerely grateful.

Best wishes,"

Kate R

“Having suffered a possible disc injury during the early summer of 2011, I was really struggling to find the right remedy to my problem.

I had tried sports massage, deep tissue massage and a local chiropractor - it finally got to the stage when I could no longer stand straight and I was walking with a permanent, often painful bend at my lower back. Being fairly active until now and only in my early 30's I was starting to get very frustrated with the situation and not believing that it would get sorted - nothing was working!

Living very near to Back in Brighton - I had walked past on countless times but never really thought twice - until a neighbour recommended that I should try it.

What impressed me the most with my initial consultation was that Gerry genuinely listened and sympathised with my situation. He asked questions that I had not been asked before and really took time to properly diagnose my problem. He asked questions that would let him piece together what had happened, how to treat it and more importantly how to reduce the risk of re-occurrence.

Gerry's manner on my first appointment was very professional and I left feeling confident that a solution would be found.

It was finally diagnosed as a rupture of one of the lumbar discs and it led to the following 2 weeks being laid up - by this stage I had stopped being able to sit for any length of time and I could only take a few steps at a time so walking for the time being was out of the question.

I have now been going to Back in Brighton for 6 months and finally I am down to maintenance visits.

Gerry, has literally changed my life. Since working with him, I have learnt new disciplines and techniques for every day tasks - walking, sitting, driving - the things that we all take for granted.

I genuinely believe that Gerry is different to any practitioner I had seen before and the biggest thing for me was being able to trust him.

I cannot recommend Gerry more highly or as my wife puts it - 'Gerry is like a God send' “

Peter M.

"Gerry diagnosed my long-suffering back problem due to hours of computer use on my laptop within my first visit.

He has a very methodical, gentle and caring attitude. I was fortunate to find an osteopath that adopts an ethical full recovery approach for his patients.

After just two months of massage and manipulation treatments, I am now able to get back into Bikram yoga without pain or skipping postures.

Gerry educated and advised me on using additional equipment for my laptop and the most incredible chair, to enable me to sit upright and give my body support to prevent bad posture and back problems in the future."

Jasmine J

“I have been active all my life and have always been into sport and running, and I've spent many years keeping fit for the boxing ring, notching up 70 fights. As my age progressed towards 40, I suffered hip problems for a while and spent £200 a time, privately seeing consultants. The first, incorrectly diagnosed arthritis (quite a serious a life changing diagnosis) and the second consultant disagreed with this and explained why, but wasn’t much help with what the root cause of the problem was, nor what I could do to help improve my condition. So still a bit despondent, I decided to try an osteopath. As luck would have it, I came across Gerry Carter at ‘Back in Brighton’. “

Gerry advised me that his fees were slightly more expensive than some of his local colleagues, but said that he would give me a thorough consultation, examination and treatment plan. Boy was he right, and this was all for a fraction of the price I had spent on consultants. I felt that Gerry’s initial assessment took a lot longer than it should have and in the following days he called me a few times to check on various aspects of what I had told him during our consultation. He went on after a few more sessions to give me an excellent idea of what my issue was (soft tissue damage) and taught me a lot about the rehabilitation process. I’m pleased to say that I’m now fully fit and running again, which was a big problem for me for approximately 18 months.

I carried on happily seeing Gerry. He has always been a delight to see and most of all he gives me hope that my problem is being managed properly. If I suffer any future ailments, he will be my first point of call.

Gerry is a wonderful person, the complete professional. I’m pleased to have met Gerry and I'm proud to be one of his clients.

He's a thoroughly nice person and an intelligent human being and a completely professional osteopath.

I would recommend that you try him first.“

Ivor C

“I'm a man of 59. I relied on an osteopath for 30 years to deal with a lower-back problem, and I was distraught when he retired. I tried various others in Brighton, to little benefit – and then I discovered Gerry. He diagnosed my problem immediately, and refused manipulation until his assessment was confirmed by X-Ray – which it was - 100%. Then, with gentle manipulation, the right anti-inflammatories and posture-advice, Gerry had me back to normal in 2 months: no morning pain or stiffness and no lop-sided walk – a huge relief. Gerry is highly-experienced and an excellent communicator and 'mechanic'. He has all the models to help you understand your own problem. He’s also a delightful man. He’s not the cheapest osteo in Brighton, but from my limited experience, he is the best. It's such a relief to know he’s there for the next time I need him. I can’t recommend Gerry highly enough.“

Andy B.

“Well, what can I say….Gerry Carter has completely changed my life.

I’m a keen runner but I’d been suffering from hip discomfort for some time. I was told I had a suspected hip labrum/labral? tear and surgery was advised. The thought of crutches, no running for months and a significant surgical procedure, wasn’t entirely appealing so I went to see Gerry whilst waiting for my operation.

Gerry has the most wonderful bedside manner — he’s understanding, sympathetic and incredibly thorough. He finds out every detail of your case history and he really listens to all of your worries.

I didn’t go for the surgery and my course of treatment with Gerry has been so successful my hip pain has completely disappeared. I’m running four times a week PAIN FREE (I couldn’t even have imagined this 6 months ago)!!

Gerry’s expertise and knowledge fills you with confidence and he makes you feel as you are working together as a team.

I feel forever indebted to Gerry. He is passionate about his work and he cares about his patients. I’ve recommended him to numerous friends and colleagues who have all come back with glowing reports.“

Holly L.

“I couldn’t recommend Back in Brighton enough, Gerry has changed my life.

I had been suffering from pressure headaches and a bad neck for over 18 months, feeling very worried and frustrated not knowing what was wrong with me or how to get rid of it. I had CT and MRI scans to eliminate anything serious and then tried everything from Physiotherapy to Chiropractic adjustment to Indian Head Massage and nothing seemed to work.

Unlike other people I had seen, Gerry spent a long time asking me about my symptoms and lifestyle and encouraged me to keep a pain diary so he could see what might trigger the pressure feeling I was getting. Gerry also gave me lots of advice, which coupled with my treatment, has finally eased my symptoms for the first time in months.

What I like about Gerry’s osteopathic treatment is that he mixes methods of deep tissue massage with manipulation, explaining everything as he goes along.

Everything Gerry told me made total sense and I have a lot of confidence in him. I would encourage anyone with a new or old problem to go and see Gerry; he really can help where others have failed.“

Shelley C.

“I wanted to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to you for the way you have cared, treated me and my condition as your patient in the very short time you have known me (2 treatments).

Gerry, as you know I first made contact with you through discovering your website. Your website is very informative it gave me advice about your vast experience as an Osteopath as well as your amazing facilities. All of these things gave me reassurance that I would be treated in a professional environment.

I have to say that when I spoke to you on the telephone, my first impressions of you were that despite you run a business that was indeed secondary to me as a potential client of yours, you were more interested in my health condition, and ways of how you could assist.

After making the decision to try another Osteopath as my previous ones had not given any real benefit from treatment I was hesitant to see if you could do any better. I decided to make an appointment to see you and when I did, I could not believe the detail you wanted to know about my condition, far more in comparison than my previous Osteopaths.

One of the things that stand out to me Gerry is that you wanted me to send you some photographs of me sitting at my work station. I emailed these to you and when I met you for my next treatment you had already reviewed them (in your own time) and were able to give sound advice and make suggestions about the way I sit at my work station.

The detail you wanted to know all makes sense to me Gerry, as after two treatments with you not only has my back pain decreased significantly, but also you have spent the time in re-educating me in my posture which has reduced the pressure on my lower back.

I feel that it is important to give you feedback not just on your business conduct but also as a practitioner. Plaudits sometimes go amiss in this day and age and can often look to find the fault with services we use. However, your style is very professional and customer focused. You are an effective listener who has worked with me and my health condition in a very short time, but in this time I have seen amazing results.

Gerry if you would like to share this with any of your potential clients please feel free to do, you are an amazing Osteopath. Travelling over 20 miles by public transport to see you weekly is certainly well worth it! Thanks again Gerry and I wish your business Back in Brighton every success for the future.“

Richard B.

“I’ve had ongoing problems with my neck since my twenties. Current opinion in the orthopaedic world was that I’d left it too late, and there wasn’t much that could be done. I’d also slipped a disc recently, and things were going from bad to worse.

Enter Gerry.

I was tempted by his leaflet. On reading it, I thought, “no way. With his credentials, he’s going to be right out of my price-bracket”. Not so.

Gerry charged £5 more than my current osteopath for the initial consultation, then was exactly the same price for subsequent treatments.

I went along. Gerry told me that I’d need to change my current habits. I’d need to re-organise my seating, my writing and reading positions, and the way I moved my head. Under Gerry’s guidance I stopped doing yoga and switched to ‘Old Lady Swimming’ — a special recipe of Gerry’s. All of sudden, things seemed to change. Encouraged, I took Gerry’s other advice and changed my workstation, stopped swivelling my head, and generally took much more notice of my posture and how I use my body. I am now well on my way to recovery.

Gerry’s approach makes you realise that you can make a difference, and that slow and sure is the way. Added to that, Gerry ‘clicks’ like a wizard, and his massages are superlatively blissful. He really cares. And he’s not just a nice man, he’s trustworthy, too. If Gerry says he can treat you, jump for it.

Liz M.

“Fortunately for me the fame of Gerry went before him. Just after I moved to Hove I met two young osteopaths who had recently started up their own practice. They told me their best tutor at their training college was Gerry Carter. So on their recommendation I went to him for treatment on my arrival.

I was very impressed at his consultation. He left no stone unturned in seeking to ascertain the causes of my pain - even to trying out my armchair!

He has an excellent “bedside manner” which does help during treatment.

I thoroughly recommend him to you.“

Reverend David C.

“I can't thank Gerry Carter enough for the help and support he has given me with my recent back problems. After some overzealous gardening I was suffering from back ache and very painful sciatica. An orthopaedic consultant diagnosed a slipped lumbar disc and I had an epidural which gave me some temporary pain relief.

After a few months things were still not back to normal and somebody recommended Back in Brighton to me. I saw Gerry regularly for about 4 months and improved greatly. I really appreciated Gerry's patience and kindness as well as the excellent work he was doing to my back. He explained everything so clearly as he worked and I received a much needed education in how to look after my back on a day-to-day basis.

I felt almost well enough to stop seeing Gerry when unfortunately I made one bad movement and was suddenly in lots of pain again. I saw Gerry straight away but the disc damage was so severe that I had to go back to my GP and then on to hospital for surgery to repair things. Gerry's work didn't stop here though. He was a huge help talking to me about my options and the procedure I went on to have - a Decompression / Discectomy with a Wallis Ligament. I was very nervous about having an operation on my spine and Gerry was very reassuring and calming. The operation was a great success and I was pain free as soon as I came around from the anaesthetic! The recovery time after the operation was a little inconvenient but it was amazing to have no back pain. Gerry was still on the phone with advice and I now just see him for occasional check-ups.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Gerry to anybody with back problems, even if, in the end, surgery proves necessary.“

Lisa R.

“I first did my back in a year or two ago and within weeks, Gerry un-did the damage, explained to me what I needed to do to protect my back and made me feel much better, pain free and more back-aware. But being a gardener and slightly wild, this Spring, I hurt my back again, wrenched my shoulder and strained my achilles tendon all in one month! Gerry has helped me to manage all these minor injuries and they are healing well under his excellent care.

I highly recommend him for his incredible knowledge, his ability to explain what is going on and how to prevent it reoccurring and of course, his great osteopathic skills working on the body with gentle yet deep effectiveness.“

Jessica W. MBE

“I have been suffering with my back and neck on and off for the last 15 years and had been going to osteopaths for treatment. I was never satisfied with what they did, especially with regard aftercare such as the lifestyle 'do’s and don'ts.' They were always very quick to take my money and get me out the door.

So I decided to change and try someone different, I came across Gerry’s shop and practice. Straight away I knew Gerry would help me over come my back and neck problems. From the initial diagnosis through to each treatment, he explained everything. All the advice Gerry has given me especially the aftercare and lifestyle changes have helped immensely.

I have very few back problems now and I was able to take part in the Brighton Marathon, which I couldn’t have done without Gerry’s treatments. I still see him every month or so for a check up as I find this helps to keep my back maintained in a healthy state. One’s health should be number one priority, that's what I think and im glad I went to Gerry.

I would recommend him to anyone.

My thanks to Gerry!“

Ashley H

“Gerry, thank you.

I am so grateful to you for sorting my young daughter's back out.

Having left you, she went to sleep and slept for the most part of the day - and the night too, and rushed into our room in the morning saying ' it's brilliant, my back doesn't hurt, my headache has gone, and I don't feel sick any more'.

So thank you again so so much, and I will definitely give your name to as many people as I can.

Best wishes“


“I’m a running enthusiast who injured my hip training for a marathon in 2008. It was one of my more serious injuries in my running career which has spanned 30 years and I was afraid it could be chronic and cut short my running. Because I wanted to continue training for future marathons, I decided to see Gerry, who was highly recommended by a friend. Gerry immediately made an impact on my recovery, and in a very short period of time, my hip was completely healed. It was incredible and I was totally relieved! Not only was the injury rectified, I gained important knowledge on how to avoid future injuries. Gerry explains what he does in a way I can understand, and it helps me focus on injury prevention rather than after-the-fact. I continue to see Gerry on a regular basis because I know with the intensity of marathon training, body mechanics and muscular development are the keys to optimal performance and injury prevention. Since seeing Gerry, I have been able to avoid injuries and have run pain-free races. I’m amazed how far I’ve come from the pain I endured from the hip injury. I have seen many professionals regarding injuries and physical well-being, and Gerry has been the most informative and successful with fixing what needs to be fixed.

Not only has Gerry helped me with my biomechanics with the sessions, he has also given me excellent advice on general ergonomics which impact us on a daily basis. Through Gerry, I purchased a Rohde Grahl Duo-back chair, which is one of the most comfortable chairs I’ve sat in, and it looks beautiful in my home office. Because of the superior ergonomic design, it corrects my posture and provides stability I need in my back. It’s made a big difference. Gerry took time to discuss and help me find a chair which best suited my needs, so it was the right decision in the end.

I have recommended Gerry to several of my friends who have benefited from his practice, and I would not hesitate recommending him to others.

Ralph J.

“It was an absolute joy seeing Gerry, and looking back, I now realise, also essential. Gerry was patient, understanding and took me through all the chairs that were suited to my needs and explained how they worked and how they would benefit me. Without his help and knowledge, I would still be sitting on the spare office chair which has no ergonomic support and increasing my lower back pain. Thanks very much, and in the unlikely event that my back pain should reoccur, I will be sure to visit Gerry again for his osteopathy.“

Massimo P.

“I had lots of sitting yesterday evening and a lot more in ahead of me. The chair is absolutely amazing and we love it.
Thank you big time for all your help and promised great service. I shall recommend you to anyone interesting in having a new chair.
Thank you!”

Adam B

“Hi Gerald,
I have my customised chair; it arrived just the other day first thing. I am so pleased with it. It looks stunning and just feels so much better for my back. Thank you again for your kindness, patience and expertise. I look forward to better posture and comfort now at work and at home, and will strongly recommend your services to anyone I meet in future who's interested in an ergonomic setup (or just a very funky looking chair design!). Kind regards,”