Gerry Carter DO (Hons) Osteopath

Gerry Carter in his practice in 1989Gerry Carter in his practice in 1989

Gerry is a multi-award winning osteopath with a career spanning more than 30 years. He is one of the most senior osteopaths, in length of service, working in central Brighton today. His unique experience within the osteopathic profession is arguably unparalleled. He is also a fully registered member of the General Osteopathic Council.

Gerry embarked on his osteopathic career by opening his first practice in Notting Hill, London, in 1989. He also developed the sports injury clinic at the London Central YMCA — one of the largest health clubs in the UK — treating athletes competing to the highest standards.

At 'Back in Brighton' Gerry delivers a unique experience in musculoskeletal health care. Some of the highlights of his career include:

  • NHS osteopath at the Kensington and Chelsea PCT — a rare position for an osteopath to hold within a team of consultants, GPs, physiotherapists and podiatrists
  • osteopath to the English National Ballet
  • sports injury osteopath at the London Central YMCA and to the Earls Court Gym
  • treating athletes from the Thames Rowing Club and Wimbledon Rugby Club
  • the original osteopath for the ‘London Lighthouse’ — a centre providing care and support to those living with HIV and AIDS
  • invited as osteopath to the Jim Henson film crew on the film set of ‘Monster Maker’
  • invited to talk about osteopathy on local radio.


Gerry has held the position of Senior Lecturer and Examiner in Clinical Anatomy at both the British School of Osteopathy and the European School of Osteopathy. He taught at these two premier osteopathic schools for nearly twenty years before retiring in 2011.

A significant percentage of osteopaths working today received their Clinical Anatomy training through his instruction. Gerry has the distinction of having the longest service of lecturing in anatomy, of any registered osteopath in all of the schools of osteopathy in the UK to date. His teaching experience also includes lecturing at St Charles’ Hospital in London.


His Training

Gerry undertook his osteopathic training at the British School of Osteopathy in the 1980’s. During this four year course, his conduct was exemplary and out of a class year of 130 students he:

  • received the Anatomy Prize as the ‘Best Student in the Subject’
  • received both of the awards given for ‘Best Osteopathic Technique’
  • graduated with Honours — a prize only awarded to the top 10% of graduates
  • was awarded the ‘Medal of Conspicuous Merit’, which is only granted to approximately one in every 600 graduates
  • was awarded prizes from the Princess Royal, HRH Princess Anne, on five occasions for his work.