with the
General Osteopathic Council
Insurance registered: Claims through private health insurance schemes
Osteopathic treatment for musculoskeletal conditions
Advice given on orthopaedic products including:
ergonomic seating,
neck pillows,
lumbar supports and aids to daily living
Gerry Carter Osteopath at Back in Brighton Osteopathic Practice

Gerry Carter has an unparalleled career to date within the osteopathic profession. With over 30 years' service to osteopathy, he is the one of the most senior osteopaths in length of service, working in central Brighton today, read about his history.

Run by osteopaths, the osteopathic practice consists of a well-equipped treatment room where you can also get advice on various orthopaedic and ergonomic devices to make life easier for those with musculoskeletal problems.

Looking for pillows , lumbar supports ?